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Swiss Argentine artist, born in Buenos Aires in 1969.

She studied Hotel Management in Buenos Aires, and studied languages in Switzerland, Germany and France. She was influenced from an early age by her artistic family, and attended a variety of art courses in Argentina and Europe learning pottery, furniture restoration and oil painting. She now lives and works in Sintra, Portugal.

She shows a combination of vibrant colours, textures, energy and intuition, in memory of a life crossing continents and oceans. No material is discarded, as she tends to use anything that is around in the search to create new textures. The materials she uses range from gesso to paper, cloth, polyurethane, oils, waxes and varnishes.

Inspired by the forces of nature and its colours, she starts her work with no specific idea in mind; she likes experimenting different techniques as she goes along, letting her creativity flow. She uses art to channel her excess of energy. Her creativity emerges as an original and expressive work, building a universe of textures and feelings on canvas.

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